At about the time when Dedi A”H and I began working on our first project together, my mother A”H was seriously ill and in an effort to make her happy I wrote this song about her. When I asked Dedi A”H whether it would be okay to add the song to our project, he became extremely emotional and told me that he had lost his mother A”H at a very young age, and that we should do it as a duet. When I responded that both of us had heavy accents, he said that it wouldn’t matter as we’d sing our hearts out together and “Everyone has a loving mother and they’d understand!.”

Composed by Yossi Green
Lyrics by Pnina Klaver & Yossi Green
Arranged by Moshe Laufer

לע”נ אמי מורתי מרת שרה רבקה (גרין) בת ר’ ישראל ישכר לעוו ז”ל

לע”נ אמי מורתי מרת ציפורה (גראוכר) בת ר’ יעקב דב קנטור ז”ל