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חסד ואמת
The Story

The inspiration for this song was the Midrash Raba on Breishis 8:5 that relates the Heavenly Debate that took place before Man was created. The Force (מדה) of Chessed posited that Man would emulate Hashem and exhibit kindness (חסד) in the world, which argued FOR his creation. While the Force (מדה) of Truth argued that Man would lie and negate truthfulness in the world, which argued AGAINST his creation.

As the Midrash relates what took place then was that Hashem grasped Truth and hurled it onto the ground, shattering it into many pieces.

This monumental debate seems to be alluded to in the lyrics of this song. Kindness and Truth met together, with the upshot being that Truth then sprouted back once again from the ground.
אמת מארץ תצמח…

There’s a common adage based on this Midrash that subsequently everyone grabbed a piece of the Truth fragments that were scattered on the ground. This gave rise to the following truism, “There is ‘some’ Truth in everyone; yet no one has the ‘entire’ Truth!” Kind of belies the well-known oath…
The Truth; the Whole truth; Nothing but the Truth???

Off the album “Omnom”
Composed by Yossi Green
Arranged by Moshe Laufer
Vocals (background) by Yossi Green