Upcoming Concerts הופעות קרובות Pesach Concert, Jerusalem, April 23rd https://bit.ly/2I4eAVC For Booking Concerts: להזמנת הופעות Yoninamusic@gmail.com | +972543188159 Buy our Original Album: לרכישת אלבום הפיוט “ונתנה תוקף” לכבוד הימים הנוראים. מילים: רבי אמנון ממגנצא , לחן : יאיר רוזנבלום שיהיה לכולנו גמר חתימה טובה, ושכל התפילות שלנו יתקבלו ברצון. צרו קשר: Contact us: yoninamusic@gmail.com לאתר שלנו: Our website: yoninamusic.com Unetane Tokef, one of the most moving prayers from the Yom Kippur service. May all our prayers be answered. Translation: We shall ascribe holiness to this day. For it is awesome and terrible. Your kingship is exalted upon it. Your throne is established in mercy. You are enthroned upon it in truth. In truth You are the judge, The exhorter, the all‑knowing, the witness, He who inscribes and seals, Remembering all that is forgotten. You open the book of remembrance Which proclaims itself, And the seal of each person is there. The great shofar is sounded, A still small voice is heard. The angels are dismayed, They are seized by fear and trembling Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoninamusic/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoninamusic/ Visit our Site: www.yoninamusic.com