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Upcoming Concerts הופעות קרובות Pesach Concert, Jerusalem, April 23rd For Booking Concerts: להזמנת הופעות | +972543188159 Buy our Original Album: לרכישת אלבום חג שבועות שמח! סלינו על כתפינו בהשראת #נטע_ברזילי. נהנים עם הToy# החדש שלנו… 😉 Happy Shavuot! “Salenu Al Ktefenu”, a classic Israeli Shavuot song, mixed with “Ki Metzion Teze Torah”. #looper #netta Had fun with our new Toy… 😉 Translation below. Translation: Our baskets are on our shoulders, our heads are adorned, we’ve come from across the land, bringing Bikurim (=the first fruits of the land). From Judea and Samariah, from the Galil and the valley, make way for us, Bikurim are with us, sound the drums and play the flute. Ki Metzion Teze Torah- from Jerusalem (Zion) Torah will spread to the world. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Visit our Site: