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Tfillah With Kippalive | תפילה עם כיפה-לייב
מכניסי רחמים | כיפה-לייב ויצחק מאיר

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Introduction: @יצחק מאיר
Text: תהילים צ”ט Kabbalat Shabbat
Composed by: Chaim Benet

Production: Rafi & Maggie Sandler
Musical Production: @יונתן שטרן Yonatan Stern
Videography: Ariel Kreiderman
Location: Heichal Benyamin, Ra’anana


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Angels of mercies, put our mercies
Befor​​​​​e the Lord of mercies
Propa​​gators of prayer, make our prayer heard
Befor​​​​​e Hearer of prayer
Propa​​gators of cries, make our cry heard
Befor​​​​​e Hearer of cries
Prese​nters of tears, put our tears
Befor​​​​​e King Who gives in to those in tears
Do your best and lift up prayer
Lift up prayer and supplicat​ion
Befor​​​​​e King high and exalted
King high and exalted

#Tfillah #Explained #Kippalive

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