Abortion of a fetus conceived through rape
Women tying tzitzis
Sheva brachos without the chosson or kallah
Returning home before Shabbos if one knows they will be called up on Shabbos
Returning home while one’s wife is niddah if he doesn’t think he’ll be able to withstand the temptation to hug
A hug before a spouse leaves for battle if the wife is Niddah
Burying blood-soaked cars
Pidyon Haben when the father or kohen is not present
Shortening the taharah process for a Niddah during wartime
Saying shehecheyanu when one will not light or even see Chanukah candles
Eating homemade foods sent to the front
Matzah bakery that ran into a shelter in middle of making Matzos
Running to a shelter in middle of Shemone Esrei or Krias HaTorah
Yichud in a shelter
Rewriting Kesubos for people in the North or South who evacuated their homes
A Kohein entering an Ohel Hameis for shelter during a siren

with Rabbi Chaim Jachter – Rav of Sha’arei Orah in Teaneck, Dayan on the Elizabeth Beis Din, Mechaber Seforim – 23:25
with Rabbi Elli Fisher – Talmud of Reb Osher Weiss – 36:10
with Rabbi Moshe Bransdorfer – Av Beis Din and Rov of Heichal Ho’raah in Yerushalayim, M’Gedolei Haposkim in Eretz Yisroel – 1:01:30

 מראי מקומות