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When the Babylonians conquered the kingdoms of Israel nearly 3,000 years ago, Jews were sent into a far flung diaspora.
Over time, Jewish communities were established around the world: from Ethiopian Jews who crowned a Jewish queen and created their own holidays; to the Yemenite Jewish community that has multiple origin stories.
Whether they settled in India or Libya, Cochin or Kaifeng, the rich heritage and traditions Jews have passed down for generations remain steadfast in their global presence today.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – History of Jewish diaspora
1:27 – Ethiopia
2:17 Libya
2:59 Yemen
3:41 India
5:10 Azerbaijan
6:02 Mali
7:00 Kaifeng
7:41 Guyana & Suriname
8:43 Shanghai
10:04 Israel

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