Neturei Karta – Is Hatzalah allowed to save them on Shabbos?
Does the conflict in Gaza qualify as a מלחמת מצוה according to הלכה? In this case, is there a duty for individuals to join from distant locations? Are students from ישיבות required to participate?
Concerning unintended harm in warfare, such as civilian casualties: if a terrorist uses a taxi as a getaway vehicle, is it permissible to target the vehicle, risking the driver’s life? What is the stance on targeting buildings?
Is there a חיוב to bury terrorists according to Jewish law?
Laws of war according to the Geneva convention

with Rabbi Moshe Rotberg – Rov of Hatzalah of Central Jersey –  12:48
with Rabbi Shlomo Brody – Executive Director of Ematai, Rebbi at Yeshivas Hakosel, Mechaber Seforim  – 19:25
with Professor Eugene Kontorovitch – Legal Scholar International Law – 39:20

  מראי מקומות