Are you permitted to pay for captives more than their worth?
Are you allowed to release terrorists in exchange for prisoners?
Can you put other people’s lives in Sakanah to save a life?
How many more deaths were caused historically by terrorosts released by prisoners swaps?
Can you wage war to save hostages at the expense of more lives than the ostages themselves?
Are the settlers putting their life and the life of others in danger?
with Rabbi Daniel Glatstein – Prolific author and renwoned speaker, Rov in Cedarhurst – 10:20
with Rabbi Shlomo Aviner – Rosh Yeshiva Ateres Cohanim, Poseik, Mechaber Seforim – 33:28

Share in the pain of the hostages and become inspired to help
with Leon Yanai – Brother of one of the hostages – 54:43

  מראי מקומות