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By Naama Barak for Israel21c

Israeli singer, actress and all-around phenomenon Noa Kirel, 20, just released her first international record and it went viral, meaning that it’s only a matter of minutes before she takes the world by storm.

Here’s everything you need to know about her.

  1. You can call her Noa KILLA

Kirel’s first song, “Killer,” was released in 2015, and quickly earned the pop sensation her moniker Noa KILLA. It also earned her widespread publicity because of the music video’s sexual overtones, which many found inappropriate considering her tender age at the time – 14.

  1. She started out young

Speaking of Kirel’s age, her first attempt at stardom took place at 10 when she tried out for a children’s talent show on TV. She didn’t get accepted, but things came a full circle almost 10 years later when she became a judge on the very same show.

  1. She’s the most famous soldier in the country

Like other teens her age, Kirel joined the army. But unlike her peers, she got a private room and shower during basic training, has 90 days off per year to further develop her career and spends her service performing her own songs to raptured comrades. The only other person in the IDF to enjoy this privileged “talent track” is Kirel’s boyfriend, singer Jonathan Mergui, 21.

  1. She’s also an actress

Kirel starred in a hit teen TV show in a double role: as herself and as her alter ego. The plotline was somewhat complex and involved double identities, the Mossad, alleged murders and lots of music. Oh, and she’s also going to star in a Hollywood movie soon.

  1. She keeps on winning MTV awards

Kirel was named best Israeli act at the MTV European Music Awards four years in a row starting in 2017. And her red-carpet appearances there are simply amazing.

  1. She’s a positive role model

Kirel is a fantastic role model for young women when it comes to positivity. Her songs, interviews and social media are all about loving yourself, feeling empowered, being confident and completely rocking it. Way to go.

  1. She doesn’t let her medical condition keep her down

The No. 1 pop star in Israel was born with one kidney, a condition discovered when she was three months old. Her parents’ rabbi recommended changing her name from Noya (beauty) to Noa (movement) and predicted she’d be a dancer. Kirel could have gotten a medical exemption from military service but she fought to be drafted, she told Billboard, because “I influence many young teenagers and it’s important for me to encourage them to enlist as well.”

  1. She can create a hit out of anything

One of Kirel’s best-loved songs is “Pouch” – the term in Hebrew for a bum-bag – proving that she can create a hit single out of any topic in the world, fanny packs included.

  1. She doesn’t like having free time

In a recent interview with Israeli media, Kirel admitted that the idea of having a free day freaks her out. So much so, that she actually makes sure she doesn’t have any by accident.

  1. Her idol is Beyoncé

In that same interview, Kirel gushed about her absolute idol, Beyoncé. Apparently, Kirel admires Queen B’s values, work ethic and all-around talent. We guess it takes one to know one.

  1. In Israel, her first international single isn’t considered her best

Kirel’s new international single, “Please Don’t Suck,” is a perfectly good pop song. But it’s not considered her best, with local hits such as “Million Dollars” and her recent gay pride song “Trilili Tralala” far eclipsing it. Still, we’re sure that there’s plenty more to come. After all, the woman’s a star.