23 of the Most Popular Songs of Pesach with Rabbi Ruvi New

On the heels of the “Songs of Yom Kippur” released just before Yom Kippur this year which has garnered over 50,000 YouTube views and tens of thousands of music downloads to date, Boca Raton Shliach, Rabbi Ruvi New presents his latest release, Songs of the Seder.

Featuring 23 Seder songs, from popular favorites, like Avadim Ahyinu and Dayeinu to covers of songs by MBD, Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, and Gad Elbaz, the video is designed to be both entertaining and educational. Song lyrics are both transliterated and translated to allow viewers to easily follow the songs and their meanings.

0:00 Intro
00:29 Kadeish U’rchatz
01:06 Hai Lachma
01:54 Hashato
03:13 Ma Nishtana
05:30 Avodim Hoyinu
06:03 Baruch Hamakoim
06:49 V’hi Sheomdo (Chabad)
08:49 V’hi Sheomdo
09:47 Dayeinu
11:05 Al Achas
12:16 B’tzais Isroel
13:30 Yisroel B’tach
14:33 Yevoraich
15:51 Ma Oshiv
18:09 Halelu
20:01 Min Hameitzar
20:52 Yemin Hashem
21:58 Loi Omus
23:59 Odeicho
25:30 Ono Hashem
26:13 Keili Oto
27:25 Shebshifleinu
28:44 Ad Heino
31:54 Leshana Habo’oh
33:45 Bonus Track – V’hi Sheomdo