What are the biggest challenges, struggles and difficulties confronting our girls today?
How have things changed over the years?
Should money be given to children if they will use it for the wrong purposes?
What’s the impact that technology/smartphones/social media is having on the girls?
What solutions do we have to inspire girls today?

***Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman ***

with Rabbi Dovid Ostroff – Posek and teacher at many seminaries in Yerushalayim – 13:33
with Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz – Posek, Rosh Yeshiva & Rav, Givat Ze’ev, Israel – 38:27
with Rebbetzin Esti Hamilton – popular lecturer and teacher – 1:08:55
with Rabbi Daniel Mechanic – Director of Project Chazon – 1:36:48

Wrap-up, takeaways and lessons learned – 2:07:21

 מראי מקומות