Would everything be run according to Shulchan Aruch?
What about the things that according to Shulchan Aruch Beis Din can’t enforce nowadays?
How do we deter people who steal if they get caught all they’ll have to do is return the theft?
Is there a concept of jail for monetary damage?
What if there’s no two kosher witnesses or no witnesses at all?
Being that there’s no capital punishment nowadays, what would do to murderers?
What would be done regarding all electricity on Shabbos?
How do you run a government on Shabbos?
How do you run a police force or army on Shabbos?
How do you run hospitals on Shabbos?

with Rabbi Shay Tahan – Renowned Poseik and Lecturer, Rosh Kollel of Shaarei Ezra, Av Beis Din Shaarei Levanon – 25:32
with Rabbi Yisrael Krengel – Tzomet Institute – 42:25

מראי מקומות