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In Parsha Bamidar, Rabbi Yakov Kermair discusses the beginning of the fourth book of the Torah, Bamidbar, which picks up the Israelites traveling through the desert after already receiving the Torah and Moses must count the people to find out how many Jews there are in all twelve tribes.

Produced by Debra Gonsher Vinik and edited by David Vinik of Diva Communications, Torah Treasures is a web series consisting of 50 videos devoted to teaching the Old Testament to children ages 7 – 12.

Torah Treasures’ library consists of easy to understand explanations from rabbis on the weekly Torah portion (parsha) with original, commissioned artwork and evocative photographs from the Getty Image collection. These four-minute videos were produced in conjunction with The New York Board of Rabbis, and feature seven rabbis from different Jewish denominations, who explain how these ancient stories are relevant to our lives today. Torah Treasures is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to explore the Torah together.

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