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Someone who had a miscarriage and is very vulnerable can her husband hold her in extreme situations or is it יהרוג ואל יעבור ?
Is there a חיוב קבורה on the fetus and at what stage?
Can you test the fetus to check for illnes?
Is the fetus named – and at what stage?
Do you say Kaddish for a fetus?
Do you sit Shiva?
After what type of miscarriage is there no Pidyon Haben?
Does the lady have a Din of a Choleh regarding fasting on Yom Kippur?
Regarding being Mechalel Shabbos?

with Mrs. Dvora Entin – LCSW, PMH-C Specialist in Perinatal and Reproductive mental health – 15:12
with Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov – Posek Bais Horaah Bedatz Crown Heights – 43:05

מראי מקומות