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The most popular Shavuos night program in the world – 4:23

What are the issues with the Shabbos elevator?
Is it a halachic shayla of a Hashkafic Shayla?
What switched now?

with Rabbi Tzvi Ortner – Rov in Boro Park, Poseik of the OU technology dept – 33:20
with Rabbi Yisroel Krengel – Rov in the Tzomet Institue  – 50:24

If a Rov makes a mistake in Psak does he have to pay?
What if he retracts his Psak due to Haskafic considerations?

with Rabbi Chaim Yosef Perlman – Dayan on Beis Aharon – 1:07:33

 מראי מקומות