When Europe became the battleground between opposing armies, a very unlikely candidate met up with the Pope and proposed a solution.

It would involve the Jews, and start in the heart of Inquisition Portugal.

But it brought about unexpected results.

Ultimately we have a cloak and a flag to reflect upon.



00:00 Introduction and Trip Announcement

01:24 ICJ Case Against Israel

03:16 Ongoing Case and Accusation of Genocide

04:12 Podcast Achievement and Offline Listening

05:07 Introduction to the Story of Shlomo Molcho and David Reuveni

06:05 Arrival of David Reuveni in Venice

07:02 Encounter between David Reuveni and Diego Pérez

09:26 David Reuveni’s Background and Travels

10:52 David Reuveni’s Arrival in Rome

11:47 David Reuveni’s Meeting with Pope Clement VII

12:45 David Reuveni’s Visit to Portugal

16:29 Shlomo Molcho’s Life in Salonika

18:50 Shlomo Molcho’s Return to Italy

20:12 Shlomo Molcho’s Meeting with Pope Clement VII

22:31 Shlomo Molcho’s Imprisonment and Execution

23:29 Meeting with Emperor Charles V

24:47 Emperor’s Reaction and Execution of Shlomo Molcho

25:43 Conclusion and Legacy of Shlomo Molcho

31:23 Discussion on Shlomo Molcho’s Motivations

33:44 Reactions and Impact of Shlomo Molcho

36:05 Closing Remarks and Trip Announcement