Overreacting in self defense, is it Muttar?
Do you have have to try to be מציל באחד מאבריו when someone’s attacking you?
When unsure if someone is attacking what can you do to protect youself?
(ספק רודף)
Self defense against people who are mentally unstable – does a שוטה have a din of a rodef?

with Rabbi Menachem Genack – Rov in Englewood, Head of OU Kashrus – 13:11
with Mr. Lou Shapiro – Superlawyer, defense lawyer – 27:26

AI Paskening II/ Self defense in Halacha

with Rabbi Shay Tahan  – Rov, Rosh Kollel and Av Beis Din in Flatbush – 37:20

 מראי מקומות