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What are valid reasons to cancel on your chavrusa or to miss your daily shiur?
How can you concentrate on your learning when you are stressed about life and so distracted?
How do you keep on learning over the long-term?
What gets people off-track from learning when they leave Yeshiva?
How can an IDF solider learn when fighting in Gaza or on the Lebanon border?

Hosted by: Ari Wasserman

with Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz – Rabbi of Beis Haknesses of North Woodmere, Head of Semicha at REITS – 17:52
with Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky – renowned Rosh Yeshiva and prolific author – 46:42
with Rabbi Yehudah Auerbach  Director of JLIC at the University of Chicago – 1:00:57
with Rabbi Eitan Philips – Director of the M.D Katz JLIC at Tel Aviv University – 1:00:57
with Harry Rothenberg – noted speaker and partner, Rothenberg Law Firm – 1:32:16
with Dr. Shmuel Harris – adult psychiatrist and founder and director of Machon Dvir Institute, Yerushalayim – 1:44:46

Conclusion and Takeaways – 2:03:21

 מראי מקומות