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While many associate the idea of a Jewish state solely with modern Israel, history tells a tale of multiple attempts to establish Jewish states in locations as diverse as ancient Babylonia and Niagara Falls. Despite their differences in era and geography, each of these states shared a common fate—they never lasted.

Ultimately, these historical attempts underscore a profound truth: the quest for a Jewish state is as old as the Jewish people itself, but the enduring bond between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel is not just a matter of heritage, but of destiny; Israel is the only place where the vision of a Jewish homeland can, and has truly and permanently, taken root.

00:00 Intro
00:24 The ancient kingdoms: Ancient Babylonia
02:00 The ancient kingdoms: 5th century Arabia
03:09 The ancient kingdoms: Yemen
04:08 Ararat (Niagara Falls), New York, USA
06:09 Uganda, Africa
07:46 Birobidzhan (Siberia), Soviet Union
09:57 Lublin, Poland
10:39 Madagascar, Africa
12:45 The only place that has stuck: the State of Israel

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