Is it Loshon Horah to say the name of the perperators?
Is it Mesirah to report such people to the authorities?
What is the proper way to deal with the families of the perpetrators?
What’s the Halachic status of the returns that insvestors received from the swindlers?
Is there a legal requirement to report fraudsters?
How should someone invest?

with Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst – Rov of the Agudah and Poseik in Chicago – 16:27
with Rabbi Zalman Graus – Former
 Magid Shiur in Belzer Yeshivah, editor of Otzar HaPoskim, mechaber of several Halachic Seforim: Habori Vehashemoh; Kol Boi on Eiruvin; And now is in print Milim shel Halacha – A dictionary of Halachic Words – 22:44
with Mr. Ben Brafman – Famed defense attorney – 45:43
with Rabbi Ari Marbuger – Dayan in Lakewood – 56:22
with Mr. Eli Fried – The investment Guy – 1:15:49

 מראי מקומות