What responsibility does an influencer have to do due dilgience when endorsing a product or business deal? 
If an influencer didn’t do due diligence and people suffered financial loss is the influencer responsible? 
Not letting people know you’re getting paid for what you’re promoting is it גניבת דעת?
Are you allowed to push people to live beyond their means or become envious?
What responsibility does someone on social media have?
Are influencers a danger to the influence of Rabbonim?

with Rabbi Michoel Frank – Rav, Ohr HaTorah, Silver Springs, Maryland – 11:22
with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg – Senior Rabbi Boca Raton Synagogue – 35:36
with Chez Chaya – Top Influencer – 54:00
with Nachi Gordon – Meaningful People Podcast – 1:18:02

 מראי מקומות