Straight from Hamas’ social media: see terrorists indiscriminately launch 7,000+ rockets at Israeli civilians over the last two and a half weeks.

From 0:41-1:35, catch a small glimpse into life in Israel under rocket fire, including Israelis taking cover under rocket fire during a funeral and rocket shrapnel lodged into an Israeli family’s kitchen.

Look carefully and see where Hamas blurred parts of their clips to conceal the fact that they fire rockets from civilian neighborhoods in Gaza, and listen carefully to where you can hear Gazan children in the background where the Hamas cameraman is filming. Firing from civilian areas at civilian areas constitutes a double war crime.

The last clip at 6:42 shows Hamas rocket fire at the same time Hamas terrorists were paragliding into Israel during their October 7th invasion.


We are the IDF. Our purpose is to preserve the State of Israel, to protect its independence, and to stop its enemies from disrupting everyday life for Israel’s citizens and residents.

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