Is having discriminatory school acceptance policies Halachically allowed?
What damage are we doing to our children?
Do we have a communal obligation to accept all children into schools?
Is there a difference between a boys school and a girls school?
Can schools force people to accept upon themselves Chumros, in order that their kids should be accepted?
Can schools claim they hold themselves to certain standards, if they overlook these standards for affluent members of the community?
Is this the first time in history there was an elitist attitude?

Intro to School Acceptance – The issue – The facts on the ground – The view of the Gedolim:
with Sori Zahler – 1:24
with Mr. Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz – 2:31
with Rabbi Meir Hertz – Menaher of Tashbar, Lakewood – 10:29
with Rabbi Dovid Yosef – Rov, Mechaber Seforim & Member of Moetzes Chachmei HaTorah – 14:14
with Rabbi Nachum Eisenstein – Rov of Maale Dafneh, Close Talmid of Reb Eliyashiv ZT”L – 19:29

The love of the Tosher Rebbe ZT”L – Hear a  Fascinating firsthand account
with Steve Rosenberg – Chairman of Greystone – 33:46

Firsthand report of the issue – The Halachos of School Acceptance – A historical perspective – Boots on the ground and how to navigate the system 
with a parent from Brooklyn – 46:40
with Rabbi Beirach Steinfeld – Rov in Flatbush, Longtime Menahel – 55:02
with Mr. Yehuda Geberer – Noted Historian – 1:15:33
with Mr. Shuli Halpert – School acceptance Askan – 1:34:30

 מראי מקומות