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How should I react when the “Pride Parade” goes by my home in Yerushalayim?
How should I explain the rainbow flag to my 10-year-old?
Are we being influenced by secular values? If so, how are we seeing those influences?
How do we strengthen our own values?
Is being active in the rainbow movement worse than Chilul Shabbos?
Is it a chilul Hashem to go against the “enlightened” values of secular society?

***Guest Hosted*** by Ari Wasserman: Author of “Making it Work”, “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz – Senior Lecturer at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach – 15:45
with Mr. Yitzy Mittel and Mr. Eli Sarfaty, Esq. – owner of the West Orange Bake Shop and his attorney – 44:23
with Rabbi Mayer Twersky – Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzchok Elchanan – 1:06:59
with Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman – Renowned Psychologist, Author of “From Boys to Men” – 1:33:20
with Rabbi Zevulun Schwartzman – Rosh Kollel, Yerushalayim – 2:13:19

 מראי מקומות