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And so this beautiful couple comes to Reb Shimon Bar Yochay, and they cry that they have no children for ten years. And The Medresh Shir HaShirim Rabba tells us they came from Tzidon.

And Reb Shimon Bar Yochay said “You didn’t have children for ten years, it’s time to let it go. But the way how you do it is that you have to make a feast with מאכל ומשתה and that’s how you should divorce and separate.

So they get together and they make this huge party, and the husband gets drunk and while he’s up there in the heavens he tells his wife “look around the house and take whatever you want and take it home to your father”.

and he drinks a little more until he’s not here anymore, and she tells the servants “take my husband, come” and she puts him to sleep in her father’s house, and when he wakes up in middle of the night he looks around and he says “where am I?” And she says “In my father’s house.” He says מה לי לבית אביך – “what do I have with your father?”

And she said “Didn’t you say that I can take whatever I want? There’s nothing more that I want then you.” And they go back to Reb Shimon Bar Yochay and they tell him the story. And Reb Shimon Bar Yochay prayed for them, and the next year they had a child.

And the Medresh continues, that if we ever want to connect to Reb Shimon Bar Yochay, the real message is that we tell Hashem “there’s nothing that I want besides you.”

And whenever we fall through, and sometimes we have to separate and we find ourselves in some bad places, we always have to remember that you can always ask for one thing, “Hashem, didn’t you say I can have anything? I want you.” And when you go to that place where all I want is you Hashem, then suddenly new options open up.

And Lag Baomer is a time of Miracles, and we have to say “Hashem Hashem, the fire is burning within me, that fire is you. It’s me, I want you.” And then – wow, Lag Baomer turns on fire… Today.

Rabbi Shimon Semp, Rosh Yeshiva Talpios inspires through bringing Jewish spiritual concepts, with Chassidic Torah teachings down to earth. Collecting anecdotes, sayings and Divrei Torah from Chabad, Breslav and other Hasidic masters and Rebbes. Listen and get inspired.

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