For what type of situations should you be calling Hatzalah.
How should you call Hatzalah – with a shinui etc ?
Can you turn on outside lights to make it easier for Hatzalah to identify the house?
If you have to go to the hospital on Shabbos what do you have to know – what can you take clothes, phone, wallet etc?
Is it better to go with Hatzalah or drive yourself or go with uber?
Do you have to go to the closest hospital or to a further one – out of the T’Chum
Should you cancel Hatzolah if all is good and you don’t need them anymore? 
If you madean early Shabbos should you be Matir Neder and then drive youself to the hospital?
Who can go along with the patient?
What can you or can’t you do in the hospital?
When can you come back home on Shabbos and when not?

Halachos of Pikuach Nefesh on Shabbos
with Rabbi Moshe Rotberg – Poseik for Hatzolah, Rov in Toms River – 15:44

Fascinating Shailos and stories of Hatzolair
with Eli Rowe – Founder and President of Hatzolair – 51:51

Combating abortion in the Chareidi community
with Mr. Nir Salomon – Executive Director of EFRAT – 1:03:46

 מראי מקומות