The light that awakens all the yearnings and longings of every Jewish heart for its Father in Heaven. It is not for nothing that Hanukkah music in Breslav has received more space than any other holiday. The stream flows from the light of the lights shining deep into the valleys of the shells. It has been a dream of ours since the beginning of our involvement in music to release a string of songs in Breslav for Hanukkah. Somehow the idea weaved skin and sinews and connected to create a feature script. And in the end this amazing creation came out.

A little about the tunes in this medley :

Ana Bakoach: a tune that is attributed to Rabbi Israel who has a good name and it is customary for the Chassidim of Barslav to sing it at the end of the Hanukkah candle lighting. According to the tune, each word is sung seven times (corresponds to the custom of saying Please by force seven times after lighting the candles).

Uminotar Kankanim: by R. Natan of Breslav who was known to be in the habit of spending long hours in solitude by the Hanukkah candles. Bare your holy arm – the last stanza from a tune from Moz Tzur in the style of Breslav. For the conductor in the music – a happy melody that is added to the melody for the conductor and it is customary for Breslav Hasidim to sing it after lighting the candles.