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Be inspired by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a fighter, thinker, writer and dedicated Zionist who helped shape modern Israel. In this video, Professor Moshe Arens, a three-time Minister of Defense of Israel and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, gives a quick rundown of the life and achievements of the founder of the Revisionist Movement and the Betar youth movement. And he should know. As a teenager, Arens was one of the last people to see Jabotinsky alive before his sudden death from heart failure in the United States. Back to the facts. Jabotinsky, was born in Odessa, Russia in 1880. Following the Kishinev Pogroms in 1903, he turned to Zionism and began the journey that has played a tremendous role in the history of the State of Israel. Part soldier, part poet and 100 percent fighter, Jabotinsky valued the revival of the Hebrew language, developed the concept of the “Iron Wall” (an independent strong army that would cause the Arabs to abandon their military ambitions and accept Israel’s presence.) and even established the Jewish Legion – the first Jewish military force in 1,800 years – during the First World War. He worked hard to overthrow British rule and served as the supreme commander of the Etzel underground military movement, also known as the Irgun. In 1930, the British authorities exiled Jabotinsky. He would never return to Palestine again. Even from afar, he continued his Zionist work. In 1940, he journeyed to the U.S. to try to create a Jewish military force to fight the Germans. It would be his last battle. After almost 25 years, Jabotinsky’s body was final returned to the land that he always dreamed of for burial. This video is a partnership between The Jewish Story and Jerusalem U. See the other videos in the series xxx. ———–