As the quarantine period of the Japanese cruise ship infected with coronavirus comes to an end on Wednesday, the 12 Israelis on board are expected to return to Israel and go straight for quarantine in the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, Hebrew media reported.

Israel’s Health Ministry Deputy Director General, Prof. Itamar Grotto, sent the dozen a letter Monday morning, detailing the process they should expect before their release, Hebrew-language outlet Ynet reported.
First, the passengers are set for examination in order to remove suspicions of infection. Later, they will fly to Israel on a private plane that insurance companies have rented.

According to Ynet, the plane is situated right now in Bangkok and is expected to head to Tokyo on Wednesday.
On Thursday morning (Japan time), the plane will take off to Israel with the 12 passengers — depending on them passing the medical.
Ynet further reported that the Sheba hospital embarked with preparations for their arrival, and began setting up the quarantine unit where they will stay for 14 days.
In order to prevent direct contact between the medical staff and the patients, the hospital intends to use advanced technologies, including a robot that will allow the medical staff to examine them from afar.