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Sending support to the brave boys and girls who are defending the State of Israel.

Performed by the IDF Cantor – Shai Abramson, the Military Rabbinate Choir and Symphonette Raanana

The prayer was written by the Tzohar rabbinical organization
Composed by: Sol Zim
Musical arrangement, conducting and production: Ofir Sobol


Master of All Worlds, the King to whom peace belongs, On this day on which we escort our child to serve the Jewish People and All Who Dwell In Israel through army service, we throw before You our pleas that You will spread Your canopy of peace upon him/ her and upon all soldiers of the IDF. Grant them the energy, agility, and joy to fulfill the commandment, “the help of Israel from the hands of enemies,” and give them courage, insight, and strength. Protect them from all danger or peril, injury or obstacle, and return them to their homes and families safe and whole, in body and in spirit, and through them may the verse be fulfilled: “It is G-d who girds me with valor, who makes my path perfect”. And may it be manifest through our son/daughter and through all of the IDF: ”G-d will protect you from all evil, He will protect your being; G-d will protect your comings and goings from now through eternity”. Amen