This Purim, and every Purim, we internalize and celebrate the powerful lesson of the Purim story: the Jewish people will always live on!

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Anchored by a strong Jewish identity and driven by a mission to connect Jews around the globe with their heritage through music, professional Jewish a cappella group Six13 are the originators of today’s Jewish a cappella sound. They’ve performed to rave reviews at the White House for Barack and Michelle Obama, and ten of thousands more at synagogues, religious schools, JCCs, fundraising events, B’nai Mitzvah and private affairs alike. Theyโ€™ve appeared all over mainstream media, been cited by Billy Joel and Bruno Mars, received numerous awards for their eight best-selling CDs, been selected as finalists for casting in NBC’s “The Sing-Off”, and garnered more than 20 million views online.

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ืœื™ื”ื•ื“ื™ื ื”ื™ืชื” ืื•ืจื” ื•ืฉืžื—ื” ื•ืฉืฉื•ืŸ ื•ื™ืงืจ
ื›ืŸ ืชื”ื™ื” ืœื ื• ืื•ืจื” ื•ืฉืžื—ื” ื•ืฉืฉื•ืŸ ื•ื™ืงืจ

Layehudim haysa orah, vesimcha vesasson vikar
Kein tihiyeh lanu, vesimcha vesasson vikar

For the Jews there was light, happiness, joy, and honor
So may it be for us, light and happiness, joy and honor


ืื ืขืœ ื”ืžืœืš ื˜ื•ื‘ ืชื ืชืŸ ืœื™ ื ืคืฉื™ ื‘ืฉืืœืชื™
ืื ืžืฆืืชื™ ื—ืŸ ื‘ืขื™ื ื™ืš ื”ืžืœืš
ืชื ืชืŸ ืœื™ ื ืคืฉื™ ื‘ืฉืืœืชื™ ื•ืขืžื™ ื‘ื‘ืงืฉืชื™

Im al haMelech tov, tinasen li nafshi bishe’eilasi
Im matzasi chein beโ€™einecha hamelech
Tinasen li nafshi bisheโ€™eilasi veโ€™ami bevakashasi

If it pleases the King, let my soul be given in my question
If I have found favor in the eyes of the king
Let my soul be given in my question and my nation in my request


ื•ืขืœ ื”ืžืœื—ืžื•ืช ืฉืขืฉึดื™ืช ืœืื‘ื•ืชื™ื ื•
…ื‘ื™ืžื™ื ื”ื”ื ื‘ื–ืžืŸ

V’al hamilchamot she’asita l’avoteinu
Bayamim haheim bazman…

And for the victories that you wrought for our ancestors
In those days…


ืขื ื™ืฉืจืืœ ื—ื™ ืื ืœื ื ืฉื›ื— ืชืžื™ื“ ืœื”ื™ื•ืช ืžืื•ื—ื“ื™ื
ืขื ื™ืฉืจืืœ ื—ื™ ื‘ืขืœื™ื•ืช ื‘ื™ืจื™ื“ื•ืช ื’ื ื‘ืฉืขื•ืช ื”ื›ื™ ืงืฉื•ืช
ื”ืงื“ื•ืฉ ื‘ืจื•ืš ื”ื•ื ืฉื•ืžืจ ืขืœื™ื ื• ืื– ืžื™ ื™ื›ื•ืœ ืขืœื™ื ื• ื›ื™ ืื™ืŸ ืœื ื• ืขื•ื“ ืžื“ื™ื ื”
ืชืขืฉื” ืฉืœื•ื ื‘ื™ื ื™ื ื• ืฉืžื•ืจ ืขืœ ื™ืœื“ื™ื ื• ื›ื™ ืœื ืื‘ื“ื” ื”ืืžื•ื ื”

Am Yisrael chai, im lo nishkach tamid lihiyot meโ€™uchadim
Am Yisrael chai, baโ€™aliyot bayeridot gam bashaโ€™ot hachi kashot
HaKadosh Baruch Hu shomer aleinu az mi yachol aleinu ki ein lanu od medinah
Taโ€™aseh shalom beineinu shmor al yeladeinu ki lo avdah haโ€™emunah

The nation of Israel lives, if we donโ€™t forget always to be united
The nation of Israel lives, in the ups, the downs, and in the hardest hours
Hashem watches over us, so who can overcome us, because we have no other land
Make peace between us, watch over our children, because we have not lost hope


0:00 “Layehudim” ืœื™ื”ื•ื“ื™ื ft. Simcha Leiner
1:27 “Im Al Hamelech Tov” ืื ืขืœ ื”ืžืœืš ื˜ื•ื‘ ft. Eli Marcus
2:43 “Al Hanissim” ืขืœ ื”ื ืกื™ื
2:54 “Am Yisrael Chai” ืขื ื™ืฉืจืืœ ื—ื™ ft. Avi Perets



Originally performed by Mordechai Ben David
Composed by Moshe Laufer (text: Megillat Esther)

“Im Al Hamelech Tov”
Composed by Meshulem Greenberger (text: Megillat Esther)

“Al Hanissim”
Originally performed by Six13
Composed by Mike Boxer (text: Amidah)

“Am Yisrael Chai”
Originally performed by Eyal Golan
Composed by Avi Ohayon and Offir Cohen

Arranged by Craig Resmovits
Recorded by Six13
Edited by Connor Martin
Mixed by Ed Boyer
Mastered by Ed Boyer
Cover art by Mordy Weinstein
Produced by Mordy Weinstein

Video filmed and directed by Josh Sauer
Edited and produced by Andrew Berkowitz

Special thanks to Hashem, our loving families, all our incredible audio and video production staff, our alumni, our amazing fans, all of our music teachers, Andrew Hoskins, Moshe Tischler, and of course, our amazing, featured guest vocalists: Simcha Leiner, Eli Marcus, and Avi Perets.

Six13 is:
Mike Boxer | Carl Haber | Eitan Hiller | Aaron Kohl
Lior Melnick | Chaim Moskowitz | Craig Resmovits
Nathaniel Ribner | Josh Sauer | Mordy Weinstein

(c) 2024 Six13