Love, commitment and a shared vision for the future… these are the qualities that a Jewish couple bring to the marriage canopy. These very same qualities will enable the people of Israel to go from merely breaking the glass of remembrance of the destruction, to the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in our lifetime. Watch and share! Support the Temple Institute’s new NEZER HAKODESH Institute for training Levitical Priests for the Holy Temple: Original music licensed from – Jo Blankenburg, ‘A Lifetime’ The Temple Institute thanks all the wonderful people who helped to create this video! Special Thanks: The Shraga Family, The Temple Institute, Inc., Brian Jones, Joy Beth Holley, Samara Hendrickson, Yosef Adest Videos Visit us: Become a fan on facebook: Follow us on Twitter: More videos available on Weekly Newsletter: 29 YEARS of the TEMPLE INSTITUTE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: