Here`s to the Mother, an unsung hero. The woman who takes on challenges large and small, and still, brings it all together, making it happen.

Every day, you wear many hats and play many roles.

You`re a chef, a homemaker, a stylist, a chauffeur. A hard worker, a baker, a doctor, a nurse. You`re a fashion designer, a photographer.

You`re a spiritual force, and a revered role model. It is you alone who holds the key to your family`s heart and soul, and no one else can take your place.

Yours is the only occupation on earth that can`t be retired from, or taken leave from, or delegated to anybody else. Yet incredibly, you wouldn`t have it any other way.

And while you`d never want to take a break from being a mother, you deserve a break WHILE being one.

Tea time is me time. Enjoy your moment.