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I am so excited and honored to present this cover alongside Esther Sara Zyskind, a most wonderful and talented voice student of mine. I am so proud of this project we created together and am in awe of her angelic voice and emotional performance!

This song A Yid is composed by my dear friend Chayala Neuhaus and the first time I heard it sung by @Benny Friedman I immediately
became deeply attached to it. The lyrics, message, and tune literally pierced my soul and is just so beautiful and such a mantra for life. When I think of the words A Yid never breaks and a Yid never bends, I think of my grandmother, Bobby Weisz, and her solid unshaking faith no matter what happens.

We all go through difficult times and we all have our own share of suffering, whether other people know about it or not. The words of this song helps me anchor myself during one of those dark moments, reminding me to stay strong and not break apart. And not just to not fall apart but that what I’m going through serves a purpose and is designed by my Father in Heaven who loves me. Thank you Chayala for writing these lyrics that feel designed just for me.

I hope you enjoy this cover and this meaningful song!

Devorah & Esther Sara