About Bagels

This site is an effort of love for Jewish and Israeli culture and history. It’s a project to curate and add context to a massive mosaic of Jewish videos that is freely available online. Its goal is to entertain, educate and inspire.

I chose the name Bagels because I was looking for a metaphor that is Jewish, but without too much religious baggage. (I was about to go for Cholent.tv, but that name felt too heavy.) Bagels transcend religious labels and don’t demand anything from you. Some argue that Bagels aren’t even a Jewish food at all.

Personally, I associate bagels with being at a Simcha, a happy community occasion like a Brit Mila or a Bar Mitzva. Maybe even a casual Friday morning wedding, or if you’re lucky, a kiddush after shul. I hope this site will help you reconnect with some of the emotional connections you have experienced at the greatest moments in your life.

These video selections are “Kosher-style”. That does not mean that every video is halachically approved, or even necessarily Jewish. It just means that I think they are good for Jews to watch. Take a look around the site and let us know if you agree.

To contact us about Judaism, videos, Israel, business partnerships, or anything else, email us at shmooze@bagels.tv