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Aharon Berk – 40 Days [Official Lyric Video] | אהרן בירק – 40 יום

Unique and inspiring song and prayer, giving hope to those seeking a suitable partner. It also provides encouragement to those looking to deepen their connection with their marriage partner.

The inspiration for the lyrics was drawn from the Gemara Sota 2a, Tehilim 68, as well as Proverbs Chapter 31.

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Translation of lyrics:
Forty days before an embryo is formed a Divine Voice issues forth and says:
Here is your marriage partner.
[God] restores the lonely to their homes,
My G-D please do not delay.
Who can find a wife of valor?
Her worth is far beyond that of rubies.
Her husband puts his confidence in her,
And lacks no good thing.
Song Credits:
Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Jared Lazarus (

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Video Credits:
MATISHRIKI עיצוב עטיפה וקליפ מילים: סטודיו

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