A fascinating drama series inspired by real events. The story of the women who went against the president of the country and the powerful forces on his side and fought to convict him of sexual offenses.

6 different points of view tell the story of a new state president who gets involved in a sexual assault case. The president’s wrong decisions to give up the plea deal and not admit his crimes, along with the courageous testimonies of the women who were attacked, lead to his conviction for rape and to years in prison.

Episode 1: Oshrat starts working at the president’s house, she and the president have an excellent working relationship. The president tries to change the relationship between them, and Oshrat turns to Avinoam, the closest advisor, and asks him to help her resolve the matter. Avinoam suggests to the president not to get involved with visas.

Episode 2: The president tells Avinoam about the night meeting with Asharat. Avinoam summons the Attorney General, plays him recordings of a visa and complains about attempted extortion. The police go to bring Asharat for investigation while Avinoam tries to close the case.