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Celebrate Thanksgivukkah with our NEWEST song! This year it’s a parody of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey.

All I Want For Thanksgiving is Jews
Vodkas and Latkes 2013

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Everybody loves Thanksgiving
It’s a favorite time of year
But don’t you think there’s something missing
A little extra joy and cheer

Oh this year there is a way—
With Thanksgiving and CHANUKAH on the same day!
It’s your wish come true:
All you want for Thanksgiving… is JEWS!

When you stuff your face with turkey
Make sure it’s a KOSHER bird!
Stuffing made with SCHMALTZ is what the
Pilgrims would have all preferred

Cranberries are overrated
Brussels Sprouts will give you gas
When you give a toast, make sure it’s
MANISCHEWITZ in your glass!

When you eat that pumpkin pie
We’ll all eat, drink, and SCHMOOZE
All you want for Thanksgiving… is JEWS!
JEWS, Baby!

Why just eat a plain old pile of
Mashed potatoes in a dish?
BUBELAH, we’ll make you smile:
Just sink your teeth into a KNISH!

Giving thanks sure is in order
Life has done oh-so-much for ya
You won’t just eat a Turducken-
You’ll also light the MENORAH!

Thankfulness is so heartfelt;
For pecan pie and CHOCOLATE GELT!
To ham you’ll say “adieu”
‘Cause all you want for Thanksgiving… is JEWS!
JEWS, Baby

Oh, if the Pilgrims could have
Only seen the light
They would have made their feast last

Oh you should not be upset
The tree’s not even up yet
We have got the cure for all your winter blues:
When you spend your Thanksgiving with JEWS!

So when you are watching football
Rooting for your favorite team
You can dip your LATKES into

The universe has heard your pleas
Just like all the MACABEES
MITZVAHS will ensue…
When you spend Thanksgiving… with JEWS!
JEWS, Baby!

All you want for Thanksgiving is JEWS, Baby
All you want for Thanksgiving is JEWS, Baby
All you want for Thanksgiving is JEWS, Baby
All you want for Thanksgiving is JEWS, Baby

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