“Always With Me” is now available on all streaming platforms!

Yaakov Markowitz, a Five Towns native singer and composer, is out with his newest release “Always With Me”, an upbeat and captivating anthem with powerful takeaways in connection to Hashem and spiritual endurance. Experience the amazing sensation of this new hit song through the famous pasuk of “Gam Ki Elech…” and its original English lyrics!

Composed by Yaakov Markowitz
Produced by Hillel Kapnick
Recorded at UpTop Studios
Backing vocals by Yaakov Markowitz and Hillel Kapnick
Mixing and Arrangements by Hillel Kapnick

To contact Yaakov: Marko.Music1000@gmail.com
Check out other music by Yaakov: https://www.youtube.com/@yaakovmarkowitz9575
Follow Yaakov on Twitter: https://twitter.com/YaakovMarkowitz