The musician and kanun player Amir Alaev in his first single “HABAYTA” from an instrumental and special debut album.
The album combines different colors and styles that Amir absorbed from his childhood as a Kanun player in the next generation of the Alaev musical family.
Over the years, Amir accompanied many artists in Israel in performances and recordings – Ishay Ribo, Idan Amedi, Dudu Tassa, Hanan Ben Ari, Idan Raichel, and more.

HABAYTA – “Every person goes through an endless search journey to himself, and along the way collects moments that lead him to his root, for me, the root is – home.”
I invite you to join my journey, with love,
Amir Alaev.

Management and booking | Or Davidson |

Composition: Amir Alaev, Haim Weiss
Arrangement: Amir Alaev, Haim Weiss
Musical Production: Haim Weiss

Kanun and Voices: Amir Alaev
Keyboards, Voices, and Programming: Haim Weiss
Guitars: Dan Attar
Bass: Shacham Ohana
Percussion: Itamar Doari

Production Team:
Sound Characterization: Itay Haruvi
Mixing: Shai Sivan
Mastering: Aran Lavi

Visual Credits:
Animation: Mati Shriki

Graphic Design: Elad Halevi

Marketing: Shuffle –

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