Israel Hour Radio host Josh Shron speaks with Israeli singer/songwriter Idan Raichel about his career, his music, and his November 2022 US Tour.

• (00:39) How did he come to co-write “Shevet Achim VaAchayot” (A Tribe of Brothers and Sisters)?
• (05:08) What was the motivation behind “Feker Libi”, Israel`s entry to Eurovision 2020 (which never took place)?
• (08:13) How did Coronavirus affect Idan`s life and career?
• (11:16) What`s his creative process like? How does Idan Raichel set out to create a new song?
• (16:57) What`s in store for his upcoming tour in the US?
• (19:24) When is he coming to more US cities?
• (20:46) What`s next for Idan Raichel?
• (21:46) Why did he cut his dreadlocks?

Details about The Idan Raichel Project USA Tour (November 2022):

Idan Raichel Project Concerts in Palo Alto, Los Angeles, New York, Boston (November 2022)

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