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Ana Hashem – Vocals by Dobby Baum (Feat. Chana Ruchy Schlesinger)

KOL ISHA- For Women & Girls Only Aged 15+

There are 4 main things in life that we all pray for constantly – Financial Security, Good Health & Children, Sholom Bayis and Shidduchim.
This video is about showing how we should turn to Hashem and beg him to help us throughout our life challenges.

Now on Chanuka, we have tremendous power to pray by the Menorahs- You can ask for anything! Storm the Heavens.

When Chana Ruchy approached me to do this video, I was thrilled as I really connected to this song “Ana Hashem” from Mordechai Shapiro straight away. It was as if this this song was written for us.

Recorded and mixed by Edgware Studios

Video Production by NY Filming Productions.

A Special Thank you to Pediatric Associates of Brooklyn for allowing us to film in their office.

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