Ani Maamin is more than just words its a tapestry woven with threads of history, faith, and the indomitable jewish spirit. It serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of Jewish faith through the ages.

This version of Ani Maamin is referred to as the “haunting melody” or the “Holocaust Ani Maamin” composed by a Modzitzer chodud on a cattle cart to Treblinka. The story goes that the song started out quiet and tentative and then through singing it over and over again it picked up strength giving the singers so much inner strength and resolve. Jews from all over the world sing this particular tune for the past eighty years and its haunting beautiful melody continues to give us so much hope.

These beautiful English lyrics were written by Chumy After for the Bnos Menachem High School Production.

אני מאמין אני מאמין אני מאמין
באמונה שלימה בביאת המשיח
בביאת המשיח אני מאמין
בביאת המשיח אני מאמין

With everything within me I believe
Like every Yid Throughout our history
I know he’s on his way
My faith will never sway
Awaiting him anew each and every day

All my guf can see is night
But my neshama sees the light
As a Yid I’m holding strong to Yiddishkeit

The Gauls might obscure
But despite them I am sure
בביאת המשיח אני מאמין
אני מאמין

Farbrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy

Produced, arranged and vocal production by Mendy Portnoy
Choir recorded at Playmasters Studio
Cello: Yoed Nir
Mixed and Mastered by Ronen Hillel

Video credits:
Rivkin Media
Directed by Devorah Schwartz
Location Libby Klein Art Studio
Paintings and tambourines by Libby Klein

Music credits
Fabrengable studio
Piano – Mendy portnoy
Singer -Devorah Schwartz
Choir vocals Devorahs Voice Students
(Leeba Garfunkel, Ahuva Fink, Nechama Fink, Leah Parnes, Blimi Rappaport, Faigy Halberstam, Miriam Weingarten, Chayala Ginsburg, Rikki Ginsburg, Chanie Leifer)

Singer Devorah Schwartz

Video Actresses:
Piano-Eli Ryp
Cello- Carolina Hooper
Choir girls
Leah Parnes, Shani Wallin, Chayala Ginsburg,Faigy Halberstam, Shani Halberstam, Dena Friedman, Miri Lang, Michal Jacobowitz, Faigy Ferziger, Rikki Lichtman, Kelly Younger, Aviva Younger, Blimi Rapaport,Nechama Fink,Rachel Garfunkel ,Miriam Weingarten, Leeba Dirnfeld, Tzippy Hersh, Shira Jaffe

CHOIR glam team
Wardrobe Whimsy Lakewood
Hairstylists :Leah Weiss & Devora Katz
Makeup Artists: Chevy Goldfischer, Devorah Rubin ,Tzipi Rozenberg, Yocheved Sternbuch
Choir coordinator and assistant on set Leeba Garfunkel

Devorahs Glam Team
Hair Chassi Meisner
Makeup Esty morelle
Wig Dassy Wigs
Wardrobe Finale Boutique Lakewood

English Lyrics written by Chumy Hafter
Recorded with permission from Bnos Menachem High School Production

Cover photo by Itzik Bilinsky