Yehuda goes on an adventure to find a shining butterfly, and in the process comes across shimmering caterpillars and beautiful forests that brighten his day, and that of all those around him, including his friend Tzvi, and his father, Dr. Rudy.

The lyrics of the song are about our trust in Hashem and our ecstatic songs of praise for His kindnesses. It was fun to express that in the guise of a caterpillar – which represents our hopes for the good – and the butterfly – which is the revealed good we seek.

Dr. Mitch and Yehuda Rudy
Tzvi Goldwag

Thank you to Dov Gordon, RBS Clinic
Thank you to Ezra Rudy for technical assistance
Thank you to the Crowdfunders who made this video possible

Song Credits:
Music Composed by: Nesanel Life
Music Production: Killian Cruiser
Vocal Mix: Trey Vittetoe
Vocals Recorded at G-Wag Studios, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

אהללה ה׳ בחיי אזמרה לאלקי בעודי
אשרי שקל יעקב בעזרו שברו על ה׳ אלקיו
עשה שמים וארץ את הים ואת כל אשר בם השומר אמת לעולם
עושה משפט לעשוקים נותן לחם לרעבים ה׳ מתיר אסורים
ימלוך ה׳ לעולם אלוקיך ציון לדור ודור הללוקה

I will praise Hashem with my life, I will sing to my God while I am here
Joyous is the one for whom the God of Yakov comes to his aid, who places his trust in Hashem his God
The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the seas and all that is in them, who protects Truth forever
He brings justice to the downtrodden, gives food to the hungry, Hashem releases the bound
Hashem will reign forever, your God, O Tzion, from generation to generation, praise Hashem