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Ari Goldwag returns with another touching song and video, reminding us to look through our own personal lives to see how much Hashem has taken care of us every single day – this contemplation can help us be sure that He will continue to support and care for us.

Composed/Produced/Arranged by Ari Goldwag
Piano/Synths: Ari Goldwag
Bass/Acoustic/Electric Guitars: Lucas Gonzalez
Drums: Jim Riley

Filmed and Edited by Goldwag Film Studios
Vintage footage by Mr. Murray Goldwag

Bitchu Bashem
Adei Ad
Ki b’kah Hashem
Tzur Olamim
Trust in Hashem
Forever in your God
‘cuz all the worlds were formed
only by Him
Baruch Hagever
Asher yiftach b’Hashem
V’haya Hashem mivtacho
Blessings come forever (last forever)
When we trust in Hashem
We raise our eyes and then
We start to know