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Composition and lyrics by Ari Goldwag

Vocals by Ari Goldwag and Sheves Chaverim

Produced by Aderet Music and AG Productions

Filmed, Directed and Edited by Yirmiyahu Vann
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The music in this and all the songs from the A Cappella soul album are made entirely from the voice and mouth


Order of solos:
Shlomo Lipman, Zev Sheff, Yair Frohlich, Ari Goldwag, Baruch Sheff
Additional background vocals: Yair Frohlich


Sometimes you’re feeling down,
Things haven’t gone your way.
So you’re looking all around
To find someone who’ll save the day.
There’s one Place you can turn,
He’ll never turn you back.
When you look to Hashem
You’re always back on track.

‘Cause Hashem loves you,
You’re His greatest pride.
Yes, Hashem loves you,
He’s always by your side.
You can see it too,
All the good you have inside.
It’s up to you,
All you need is to decide.

One thing you’ve got to know,
Is no matter what you do
No strings are attached
To the love Hashem will show to you.
Just got to hold on tight,
Put your trust in Him,
Keep your head held high,
Let your soul just start to sing.


You’ll walk a different walk,
With confidence in your stride,
When you think of Hashem’s love
And you know you’re always on His mind.
There’s a light you’ve got to shine,
A job no one else can do,
Hashem’s given you the tools,
Now the rest comes down to you.


(Melody & Lyrics © 2012 Ari Goldwag)