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בכל דבריך ומעשיך ומחשבותיך ובכל עת חשוב בלבך כאילו אתה עומד לפני הקב״ה ושכינתו עליך
כי כבודו מלא עולם
(אגרת הרמב״ן)

‘Cause His honor fills
All this world He’s built
We can feel it strong
As we sing this song
As we try each day to follow His will
And with all we do
We will know it’s true
What a change we’ll see
Inside of you and me
When we stand with Hakadosh Baruch Hu

Transliteration of Hebrew:
Bechol devarecha, uma’asecha, umachshevosecha, uv’chol eis
chashov b’libecha k’ilu atah omed lifnei Hakadosh Baruch Hu ush’chinaso alecha
Ki kevodo malei ha’olam

Translation of Hebrew:
In all of your matters, actions and thoughts, and at all times – think in your heart as if you are standing in front of the Holy One blessed is He, and His Divine presence rests upon you.
For His honor fills the entire world.