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Produced by Ari Goldwag
In Conjunction with Aderet Music
Filmed by Yirmiyahu Vann
Drone: Elisha Meltz
Song Composition and Lyrics by Ari Goldwag
Script written by and Video editing by Ari Goldwag
Technical Assistance: Talia Goldwag

“Smile” is a song from the album “A Cappella Soul 6” available for exclusive download on and wherever Jewish music CDs are sold.

Jugglers: Yaakov Meir Novack & Yehuda Gepner
Child newspaper reader: Sam Back
Group: 4th Grade class – Darchei Noam – Beit Shemesh
Additional children: Yitzy Frohlich, Ahron Back
Family: Meltz family
Additional ‘family members:’ Yaakov Citron, Naama Goldwag
Family newspaper reader: Yitzchak Meltz
Hikers: Chesky and Boruch Ber Leibowitz

Thanks to:
Sarah Gordon, Leib Chaim Krainess, Rabbi Danny Myers & Rabbi Lavey Freedman

Ari Goldwag and friends return for another enjoyable a cappella music video – ‘the news I hear can really get me down’ – in each scene, someone is distracted from their enjoyable surroundings – all reasons to smile – by the newspaper that they have ‘caught.’ Each person finally notices their surroundings and passes on the message – to Smile!

Smile, and spread those rays of light around you
Smile, let your gratitude surround you
Watch your joy just overflow
There’s so far that you can go
When you find the good you know
You’ll smile

Looking all around me
Sometimes things can seem so gloomy
The news I hear can really drag me down
But I want to see the good side
And find happiness here inside
Yeah I need something to turn it all around

Feeling family’s closeness
Yeah I’m keeping that in focus
For these gifts Hashem gets all the praise
The more that I can see it
The more I’ll guarantee it
What I focus on, I strengthen with my gaze

Go for a walk in nature
Give a smile to a stranger
Feel the joy of reaching a great goal
Hashem is always with me
Yeah I know he believes in me
Now I feel a smile deep within my soul