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Video produced by Ari Goldwag
In conjunction with Aderet Music
Cinematography by Vann Visuals
Song composed by Meilech Kohn

Video story concept:
Leib Chaim Krainess, Sarah Gordon, Ari Goldwag, David Lavon, Yirmiyahu Vann

Choreography & Scene concepts:
Eva Cohen, Shmuel Aryeh Cohen

Makeup: Talia Goldwag

Old Man: Ari Goldwag
Crossing Girls: Naama & Tehilla Goldwag
Biker: Yaakov Citron
Dancers – Lions of Zion Crew:
Vlad Menzon
Shirel Yechezkel
Natan Peri
Oleg Davido
RBS crew:
Shmuel Aryeh Cohen
Yaakov Citron
Elisha Meltz

street art productions –

Ari Goldwag and friends are back with a fun and entertaining story to accompany Meilech Kohn’s mega-hit song Ve’ahavta – the A Cappella version. You will enjoy watching as they search out opportunities to help others, while at the same time having a great time with their fun choreographed moves. They are also joined by a mysterious old man who seems to be on some kind of mission, as well. Enjoy the fun and don’t forget to get the album A Cappella Soul 4 – fresh for this Sefirah season.